Dirty Hands = Clean Money

Hard charging, starting early, getting dirty, finishing late, and coming back tomorrow to do it again. 

What We're about

Yup, you're going to get dirty!

Go ahead…get it over with! There are days where you're going to be sweaty, grimy, oily, tired, sore, or maybe all of the above. But after a tough days' work you head home and it's your time. 

Work to live, don't live to work

After a hard day's work, time for you. Hit the gym, grab a beer with coworkers, get the kids to practice, get out on that motorcycle, make the wife some dinner, read a book, just leave work....at work. 

You worked hard, live a little

Vacation time? Heck yeah! Save up some dough, grab the wife and kids and get outta dodge! Or maybe it's time for a girls trip to Vegas. Snow on the trails? Load up the snowmobiles! 


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