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Who has not entertained the idea of running your own little experiment on a group of people? I think we all have our own pre-conveived ideas on people groups and behaviors. Most people find stories of controlled studies entertaining. The success of reality TV is probably as much proof as anyone needs. Most people enjoy reality TV because they have the perception that they are getting an authentic look into the lives of other humans. Most people also know that producers and writers do everything they can to drive the shows into curious and sometimes outrageous situations just for the sole purpose of causing a response from the participants. Simply, humans are entertained by the actions of other humans and the weirder the situation the more entertained we become.

This last week in my Psych class we were separated into teams and asked to come up with our own experiment. Much to my dismay my group chose something tried and old and boring. Do not get me wrong. I like my group. We always have engaging conversation when we are together. In this instance I think we took a dry idea. We decided that our experiment would attempt to determine if men or women were better drivers. That is an age old question that just sounds dull to me.

I have decided to share my idea with you because I think it would be a lot more entertaining and it is also a lot more doable in real life because it would not be very expensive or complicated.

Last week I told one of the English tutors that my oldest daughter played the flute. Her comment back to me was, “She is a blond, isn’t she?” I was surprised. “Yes, she is a blond”, I answered. She continued: “Didn’t you know that blonds play flutes and brunettes played the clarinet?” I was taken back as my daughter, whom is a clarinet player, is brunette.

I could not get my group to try an experiment based on this premise. I did not push too hard but I probably should have. I cannot imagine an experiment that would be easier to actually try. All you need is a room with a table, a couple of chairs and the two instruments. There are all kinds of things you could do to try and influence decisions. You could put up pictures of blonds with flutes and brunettes with clarinets. You could play flute music while the blond or brunette is looking at the two instruments. You could put the flute on a floor stand and the clarinet on the table. You could have a blond in there practicing with the flute while a brunette is looking over the two instruments. You could have poorly played clarinet music playing in the background while a brunette is looking at her options. The things you could try are just endless and I believe that middle and high school parents all over America would be mesmerised by the results.

What has your experience been? Do you know of girls playing flutes and clarinets and what color their hair is? Do you think you can manipulate someone to actually choose one instrument over the other?

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