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Twitter isn’t actually that complicated. I think a big misunderstanding that new users have is expecting it to act like Facebook.

You can add pictures but it’s hardly worth the time. They don’t show up like facebook so it’s not like your creative photo taking genius is going to draw in readers. If you say something cute and the picture adds to your statement then [maybe] your followers won’t find it annoying.

You can ‘follow’ someone but there’s no guarantee they will follow you back and generally speaking anyone can follow anyone. There isn’t any ‘permission’ that goes into using twitter. It’s pretty much do as you please.

There is, without a doubt, a wrong way to use Twitter.

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Passing your business on to your kids is overrated. Anytime I hear someone tell me about how that’s their ultimate goal with their business I smile, but inside it’s not a smile but more of a smirk.

Over the last 20 years my dad and I tried everything under the sun to have me take over his company. We never pulled it off. Like any father-son relationship we’ve had our periods of getting along and not getting along.

What really got between me taking over the company was our polar opposite personalities. My dad is a ‘get in there and get your hands dirty’ type of a business owner. He’s one that is so in love with the product that he is delivering that he is 100% convinced that, as the owner, you need to be on the production line as much as possible. It’s his belief that through direct involvement on the production side it’s possible to be the most profitable.

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049 – Speaking success secrets with Kent Julian

In this episode we welcome a very special guest, Kent Julian.

In this episode Kent shares with us how he converted his youth ministry experience into a career and life coaching business and, over the period of a couple years, converted that business into a full time speaking profession.

Kent Julian is the personification of what Blue Collar is all about. He saw something he wanted to become and he let nothing stand in his way. Through persistence and constant momentum forward Kent has achieved a level of success few professionals find.

Towards the end of the show I ask Kent to give us some pointers on being memorable when speaking to small groups of other professionals.

Kent’s advice is simple and yet so challenging. Kent listed three things that proved to be key elements of his success.

1. Read the book “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath

2. Don’t let fear keep you from doing something different

3. Be a ‘one point’ speaker

To hear Kent elaborate be sure to listen to the show!

Be sure to follow Kent on Twitter: @kentjulian

Speak It Forward Website

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May 22nd Book Drawing

May 22, 2011 — 7 Comments

As promised here is the drawing for the book give away for participating in the survey!



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Andy and I have been friends for almost two years now. We first met through Free Agent Academy right after he launched his technology related business.

Andy is the personification of the statement, “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough”.

Andy gets stuff done. Constantly trying new ideas in his business nothing stands in his way. When you put yourself out there like Andy does there is a long list of people who will spend their energy telling you what’s wrong with what you are doing.

Andy doesn’t let this stand in his way. He knows that the path to success is littered with trial and error. While others stand in judgement Andy knows that with every idea, he is pushing his business and ultimate success forward.

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Quit Reading

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Whether or not they will admit it to you, many contractors have more free time now than ever before. Obviously it’s because we (past tense for me) aren’t as busy.

During the final year of my subcontracting business I had quite a bit of free time. I was starting Blue Collar Coaching at the time but it was slow going as I was trying to find myself in this new business venture idea.

During 2008, 2009 and 2010 I was reading about a book a month. Just right for a simple minded fellow like myself. Any more than that and my comprehension would likely plummet anyway.

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Probably one of the biggest challenges you will face in just about anything you do is, ‘Is it good enough?”.

I fight this battle with every single episode of the Blue Collar Business Podcast. I do the show completely unscripted with the exception of a few notes (I can’t stand the sound of someone reading). I’m up to 48 episodes at the time of this writing and with the exception of the shows where I have a guest, I’m scared to hit the publish button pretty much ever time.

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048 – Mobile Office: Instapaper, Evernote and Dropbox

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In this week’s show we cover three of my very favorite iPhone apps. Those being Instapaper, Evernote and Dropbox.

Instapaper is a very simple way to save web pages of any kind for later viewing.

Instapaper Android Help

Instapaper Blackberry Help

Evernote is a very robust document creation and storing application. You can create audio files and upload pictures among other documents.

Dropbox is an incredible data syncing and backup service. You can get 2 GB of storage completely free and up to 10 GB free by getting others to sign up.

I also reveal some of the results of the survey I am running. This survey has revealed to me that A LOT of my audience is interested in technology and social media.

Do you feel the same way? If you do, or do not will you fill out the survey and let me know?

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Welcome to my own version of Twitter’s Follow Friday mania. I got kind of tired of how boring it is to just type “#FF” and a few user names with no real reason for anyone following me to actually follow someone I recommend.

I don’t get to spread the word about as many people this way but at least this way you get at least a more robust reason to follow somone I’m suggesting.

I’ve been following Rufs Dogg and his blog for the past several weeks. I got started because I had heard about “Let’s Blog Off” and decided to join. Rufus helps come up with the bi-weekly subjects and, with the exception of this week’s topic which was too hard for a simpleton like myself, does a very good job.

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I run into this debate quite a bit. Whether or not you should get a newer truck or an older one.

Older truck argument:
Pro: It doesn’t matter what you drive as long as you do good work.
Con:  Customers will think you’re not successful and don’t have the talent to do their work with a high level of quality.

Newer truck argument:
Pro: Customers will be able to see that I’m successful and do good work.
Con: Customers will think you are overpriced and won’t want to use you.

I think both of these arguments have misplaced focus.

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